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Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

Tuition covers extensive hours of service delivered, making Walnut Creek Academy one of the best values for your investment. Year-round schedule with fewest "closed" days of any Mansfield private Academy-- we work when you work. Combined with our safe, secure settings and our nurturing, professional teachers, we strive to provide parents with peace of mind while we develop young minds.

Due to added fees charged, other preschools charge beyond their core tuition (i.e., extra for morning care, extra for later afternoons), many other programs' costs far exceed Walnut Creek Academy's when comparing the cost of full-day care. Here are a handful of comparisons of Walnut Creek Academy tuition vs. weekly costs of full-day care for children ages infant- preschool and local private schools in the area.

Walnut Creek Academy: Kindergarten -5th $6,825.00
The Oakridge School

  • Kindergarten: $14,190
  • 1st -4th Grade: $18,770
  • 5th grade: $20,000

Pantego Christian Academy

  • Kindergarten: $10,415
  • 1st -4th Grade: $11,665
  • 5th grade: $11,764

Ft. Worth Country Day

  • Kindergarten: $19,640
  • 1st -4th Grade: $19,640
  • 5th grade: $20,500


Private Christian Academy,
Our program provides
teaching to the whole child
fostering spirit,
mind, and body
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