Walnut Creek Academy has wonderful, loving, qualified staff to ensure the utmost attention is given to your child. Our ratios are in compliance with state licensing standards.

WCA teachers, caregivers and assistants are staffed to a level that achieve the following ratios during instructional times:

  • Little Dreamers, up to 1:4
  • Explorers, up to 1:5
  • Discoverers, up to 1:9
  • Imagineers, up to 1:11
  • Creators, up to 1:15
  • Inventors, up to 1:18
  • Kindergarten – 5th Grade, up to 16 (Maximum class size is 16 students)
  • (During naptimes, brief staff transitions, or other group activities the ratios may differ but not exceed licensing standards, some classes will be staffed double ratio but not exceed licensing standards )

Walnut Creek Academy also is unique in our attention to specific developmental milestones in the formation of our classrooms. Most schools group a wide span of ages together, while Walnut Creek Academy ensures constant eye-opening new adventures and challenges with age- and readiness-based groupings that grow along the following trajectory:

  • Little Dreamers – 6 weeks to 12 months, or when walking or very mobile
  • Explorers – 12 months to 18 months
  • Discoverers – 18 months to 24 months
  • Imagineers- 24 to 36 months, or when potty trained and academically/socially ready for 3s
  • Creators- 36 to 48 months (or when academically/socially ready for 4s)
  • Inventors (4)- 42/48 months-60 months (or younger than 60 months, depending on graduating date)
  • Inventors (5) – 60 months until Kindergarten, an environment very similar to Kindergarten (may test for early Kindergarten enrollment with WCA for children that are academically/socially ready but missed birthday deadline)
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