Top 7 Ways on How to Put Kids to Sleep

If you’ve had a hard time putting your child to bed, you are not alone! Most parents would agree that one of the most difficult things they deal with is the nightly challenge – getting their kids to bed. Well, it may not be easy but it is one of the most important things we […]

How Can Families Celebrate National Tater Tots Day?

Every February 2nd, people celebrate National Tater Tots Day. People dedicate this day to remembering how good bite-sized potato nuggets taste. They savor this treat whose name  literally means baby potatoes.

How to Handle a Toddler Acting Out in Daycare

Children display a wide array of behavior in school and at home. A lot of factors trigger these behaviors and stems from different things, like seeing their parents argue. Some kids think that they caused the arguments and bring those thoughts to daycare centers.

Top 3 Recipes to Make for National Chocolate Cake Day

Throughout the year, people celebrate a number of different holidays. Be Black Friday or Thanksgiving, people have assigned almost every single day to any holiday that they could think of. But what’s so special about chocolate to have a day for it?

5 Effective Ways to Handle Toddler Tantrums at Bedtime

Are you struggling to tuck your little one in for bed every night? You are not alone! Most parents agree that one of the most challenging things about raising a toddler is dealing with their tantrums, especially bedtime tantrums. Why do our toddlers throw tantrums anyway? How are we supposed to deal with this behavior?

5 Uncommon Ways to Stop Toddler Power Struggles

Some parents struggle with their toddlers who throw tantrums. Toddler power struggles make most moms feel powerless  to keep up with their children’s attitude. Some wonder what could they possibly do to prevent this and communicate with toddlers properly.

5 Tips for Parents with a Clingy Toddler

Parents who have a clingy toddler share similar experiences. They feel exasperated when they can barely do any work because their child refuses to leave their side. Do you find yourself caught in the same dilemma? Well, you are not alone. While it is essential for parents to learn how to deal with their clingy […]

Best Christmas Gift Ideas for National Safe Toys and Gifts Month

The holiday season is the time to give and receive gifts, such as books, toys, and movies. Children look at different toys that shine in malls that make their eyes sparkle with joy. Parents, on the other hand, worry about the safety of the toys they buy. What are the best gift ideas? Approximately 10 […]

Preschool Pros and Cons: Sending Your Child to Preschool

Parents see sending their children to preschool as a great achievement. Children are excited to go to preschool whenever they see their parents get giddy. The excitement of another going to school ignites a spark in children. However, with the excitement that preschool brings, there are also things that parents need to watch out for.

Top 5 Tips About Teaching Conflict Resolution for Kids

Even at a young age, it’s important for children to learn how to resolve a conflict. Learning conflict resolution skills can significantly help boost their self-confidence and make a positive impact on their overall wellbeing.