Discoverers (Toddlers 18 to 24 Months)

At Walnut Creek, we know that independence is a positive thing in a child’s life. Without it, there’s neither growth nor challenge. But independence needs to be nurtured proactively by a gentle and guiding hand. Too much independence and they’re likely be in over their heads. Too little and they’ll never learn the value of self discovery. Our Discoverers program is designed to encourage a toddler’s newfound sense of self determination, but always safely. And at this age, they’ll likely encounter no small number of emotions which are strange and which they can’t always express adequately. Our teachers guide them through this new and unusual emotional spectrum and help them express themselves constructively. Our Discoverers program includes:

  • Our Creative Curriculum® program for Toddlers. This is part of the foundation for our classroom environment and zll lesson plans. It consists of interactive learning games promoting early childhood learning through play and daily activities.
  • Our toddler sign language program, where teachers encourage vocabulary through teaching and sign language.
  • The Gospel Project. Our introductory biblical curriculum, combining interactive songs of worship, biblical stories and hands-on activities designed to instill an early understanding of the gospels in children

You’ll find some of the basic milestones we use to assess developmental readiness below. Please note that all children progress at their own pace. A toddler lagging behind in any of these areas is not necessarily a cause for concern.


  • Climbing up and down from furniture without assistance (16-24 mos.)

  • Learning to catch or throw a ball (18-24 mos.)

  • Walking up and down stairs with assistance (18-24 mos.)


  • Building a tower of four blocks or more (20-24 months)


  • Pointing to an object when prompted (18-24 mos.)
  • Recognizing names of people or objects (18-24 mos.)
  • Using complex sentences of two or more words (18-24 mos.)


  • Demonstrating an increased sense of independence (18-24 mos.)
  • Mimicking the behavior of others (18-24 mos.)
  • Beginning to sort by shapes and colors (20-24 mos.)
  • Showing enthusiasm towards other children (20-24 mos.)
  • Playing make-believe (20-24 mos.)
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