Explorers (Toddlers 12 To 18 Months)

At this age, a healthy physical development is not only normal in toddlers but encouraged. They have a lot of energy to burn off and need to support it by special emphasis on nutrition and diet. But they’re also developing new mental activity. Impressions are growing sharper and more focused. Associations are forming which demand extra guidance and attention. They’re taking their first steps towards the next developmental level, both physically and cognitively. And it’s precisely at this transition period where the introduction of a basic curriculum is being introduced. Our Explorers program includes:

  • Our Creative Curriculum® program for Toddlers. This is part of the foundation for our classroom environment and zll lesson plans. It consists of interactive learning games promoting early childhood learning through play and daily activities.
  • Our toddler sign language program, where teachers encourage vocabulary through teaching and sign language.

You’ll find some of the basic milestones we use to assess developmental readiness below. Please note that all children progress at their own pace. A toddler lagging behind in any of these areas is not necessarily a cause for concern.


  • Walking alone (12-26 mos.)

  • Pulling toys behind them while walking (13-16 mos.)

  • Carrying large toys or several toys while walking (12-15 mos.)

  • Beginning to run stiffly (16-18 mos.)

  • Climbs onto and down from furniture unsupported (16-24 mos.)


  • Scribbling spontaneously (14-16 mos.)

  • Turning over container to pour out contents (12-18 mos.)


  • Saying several single words (15-18 mos.)
  • Following simple one-step instructions (14-18 mos.)
  • Repeating words heard in conversations (16-18 mos.)
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