Philosophy of Learn Through Play

Our philosophy is simple. It’s based on the cornerstone of discovery.

Children are by nature infinitely curious. Only by encouraging them to explore the world around them as well as themselves can their development grow. At Imagine Nation, it’s our task to nurture that growth.

By applying their learning to everyday problems, they can engage fully with the world around them using the skills and solutions in a practical way. As a result, our teaching methods are hands-on and designed to foster organic problem-solving skills.

Our educators are enthusiastic and passionate about their roles, and that same sense of enthusiasm extends to the well-being of each child; in particular, their self-confidence. We’re as committed to inclusion as we are to education, and spare no expense in helping children reach their full potential both socially and emotionally.

Confidence. Fulfillment. Engagement. These are the formulas for success. And at Imagine Nation, we provide the tools that foster all three in your child.

Creative Curriculum

The early years. For a child, it’s the single most critical period in their lives. It’s where impressions are formed. Connections are made. And curiosity is forged, nurtured and allowed to blossom.

At Imagine Nation Learning Center, we know it’s just as vital for parents to take as active a role in their child’s development as we do. That’s why we encourage parents to share in the process of their child’s learning by providing daily progress reports on every aspect of their development—personal, emotional, social and educational.

Our curriculum is designed to promote both learning and imagination with equal parts imagination and enthusiasm. It’s our goal to provide children with tools that will spark both questions and solutions. We don’t just lead our students. We’re led by them, as well.

The Creative Curriculum® Difference

Our award-winning Creative Curriculum® is designed to ensure student success for preschool and beyond. Fully aligned with both Head Start Child Development programs, Early Learning Frameworks and state early learning standards, it’s comprised of two parts: the Foundation, consisting of five research-based volumes which provide a standard knowledge base and Daily Resources, which offer step by step  guidance in the form of teaching guides and additional resources.

The journey of discovery isn’t limited to early education. It continues throughout the rest of a child’s life. Imagine Nation’s Creative Curriculum® prepares children for the voyage by developing the three C’s: Confidence. Creativity. And Compassion.

Why Imagine Nation’s Creative Curriculum®?

  • Our Creative Curriculum® is based on 38 objectives for development and learning, fully aligned with Head Start Child Development programs, Early Learning Frameworks and early learning standards for every state.
  • It combines both knowledge-building volumes and experiential resources in tandem, providing our educators both the fundamentals of early childhood education and practical solutions
  • It provides individualized instruction, helping teachers meet each student’s developmental needs
  • It incorporates all aspects of learning, including social and emotional skills, math, technology and the art throughout the day
  • It offers educators and administrators built-in opportunities for observation, allowing them to assess your child’s progress accurately and identify potential blindspots in their development
  • It offers complete bilingual support, as well as guidance for working with advanced learners and children with disabilities

With our Creative Curriculum® program our studies are child-directed, allowing their needs to take precedence over untested and standardized methods of education. It combines both structure and practical experience through hands-on learning and teacher guidelines designed to teach children both confidence and problem-solving skills.

Because at Imagine Nation, we believe children are the experts. As educators, all we can do is help nurture that expertise.

Faith Based Curriculum

While our mission is to enable child development, our roots are in our faith. It informs our ethics and helps give meaning to the resources Imagine Nation provides. As part of our commitment to faith based learning, we host The Gospel Project, a Christ-centered initiative that follows biblical narratives over a timeline. Through it, your child will:

  • Learn a deeper understanding of how the gospels interact with the passages they study
  • Understand the Bible in a creative multimedia environment, using video and apps
  • Be immersed in the gospels through direct interaction
  • Be provided with building blocks which allow for a much deeper and transformative biblical experience

Program Goals

Enrich Your Child’s Life At Imagine Nation

Enrichment. It’s a term often talked about, but rarely practiced. But at Imagine Nation, we don’t just see ourselves as early childhood educators. Our primary goal in to nourish and enrich the potential of our students. To help them cultivate their strengths and provide an educational experience which is unique and individually focused. As we often say, it’s the children who teach us more than we can hope to teach them.

Our Goals As A Learning Center:

  • To provide caring and flexible learning centers to families throughout Texas
  • To foster open dialogue between our staff, children and parents
  • To promote self-esteem, growth, independence, and individuality in all children
  • To encourage creativity in a safe and nurturing environment

Our Goals For Children:

  • To foster a positive identity based on self-understanding, compassion and tolerance
  • To promote social and emotional well-being
  • To encourage literacy and language development
  • To encourage physical development and coordination
  • To encourage positive creative expression
  • To encourage children to think, reason, question and experiment in a creative and supporting atmosphere

Our Classroom Organization

Our classrooms are organized into by opportunities for learning, and include dramatic play, art, libraries, block-building and writing. The toys, furniture, and supplies in each classroom are also organized with pictures and word labels to provide a print-rich environment encouraging literacy.

Our Nurturing Schedules

Teachers need to provide a delicate balance between structure, freedom and security. The general schedule that our teachers follow both monitoring, guidance and imagination, while flexibility allows for child led ideas and initiatives catering specifically to their developmental needs.

Parent Partnerships

We are committed to working and communicating with our parents. Our goal is to build a strong relationship between the parent, child and teacher. With that in mind, we keep our parents up-to-date with daily face-to-face conversations, family communication board, parent and teacher conferences, newsletters, email, progress reports, and more.
At your convenience, we will be happy to meet with you and discuss your child’s progress. Our teachers are eager to understand your needs and actively listen to your suggestions. We work with you to support your child’s growth and development.

Imagine Nation welcomes you to become a part of your child’s classroom! We have many opportunities throughout the school year for special guests, items needed for special projects, storyteller volunteers, Classroom party helpers etc. Our staff will keep you informed on upcoming events in the classroom so that you may share those moments with your child.

Bonus Features

Bilingual Support

At Imagine Nation, diversity isn’t just a vague phrase. It’s our hallmark. That’s why we teach basic Spanish vocabulary not only to children from multilingual homes but to all children throughout the day to help broaden their horizons and develop new perspectives and new attitudes about the world around them.

Infant Sign Language

Beginning as early as six months, we teach sign language to infants to help strengthen a much more profound and communicative bond with both parents and caregivers. Sign language gives toddlers a tool with which they can learn to make associations, helping to pave the way for their burgeoning curiosity.