Preschool Pros and Cons: Sending Your Child to Preschool

Parents see sending their children to preschool as a great achievement. Children are excited to go to preschool whenever they see their parents get giddy. The excitement of another going to school ignites a spark in children. However, with the excitement that preschool brings, there are also things that parents need to watch out for.

Pros of sending your child to preschool

People are motivated to continue with something if they feel positive about it. For parents, the positive things about preschool encourages them to continue bringing them there.

Improve their social skills

There are plenty of ways for children to improve their social skills, such as working on group activities,  playing dress-up, puzzles, or even creating buildings out of blocks.

Early on, children engage with other kids to make friends. Eventually, the friends they meet in preschool become their best friends if they continue talking to them. Going to school allows kids to meet different people outside their family which helps them to be more outgoing.

Widen their perspective about the world

When children step outside their home, it motivates them to explore. Their natural instinct is to take note of new things. Parents like their kids exploring the world.

By the time they reach the playground, they learn how the swing works by actually trying it.

Some kids pick up fallen leaves and have fun with them. Others play with snow balls during winter. The world has a lot to offer and kids just need to step outside to know.

Learning to create

Teachers create activities that test the creativity of children. They teach them about drawing, cutting paper crafts, and doing origami. Parents like this since their children get exposed to different disciplines.

Some of the activities include:

  • Drawing favorite animals
  • Coloring a coloring book
  • Connecting dots
  • Creating paper puppets
  • Helping their friends create a star
  • Making a story for their own school plays
  • Creating props for school plays

Having fun with friends

Aside from playing together and doing activities, children have fun while they’re in school. When children meet their friends, kids ask their parents if they can play at each other’s homes. More often than not, this fortifies independence and improves their social skills.

Cons of sending your child to preschool

While there are positive things about preschool, the following include the downsides of attending preschool.


Schools create different schedules depending on their students. For preschools, the schedules can start earlier or later than expected. These hours give certain effects. Parents want their children to be safe and they strive to send off their children without conflicting with work. In the end, children and parents have to adjust to the schedule.


Preschools cost more than hiring a home-based child care worker. Parents pay monthly tuition and other fees that cover the supplies, registration, and the security of the children. Moreover, some preschools increase tuition annually.

Health issues

Children, who are just starting to build their immune systems, are likely to get sick when they start school. When kids begin school, they get exposed to different germs that strengthen their bodies. Parents worry when they get sick because they will miss school and parents will miss work.

Preschools work like daycare, taking care of children and ensuring their safety. When you find this helpful, remember to consult with Imagine Nation Learning Center about enrolling your children.

As they say, education is the one thing that parents give their kids from the start.

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