Programs At Walnut Creek Academy

One of the greatest challenges facing early child education has been personalization. How do we adhere to consistent standards of excellence while still maintaining an individualized focus on our students? After all, child development isn’t necessarily universal. Each child learns and grows at their own unique pace.

Walnut Creek Academy stresses a child-led curriculum; and one that even extends to daycare activities as well. What do we mean by a child-led curriculum? It means that the focus is on the whole child, emphasizing the connectivity between mind, body and spirit. And that starts with getting to know your child and their needs on a deep and meaningful manner to better nourish their lives. It means assessing your child’s academic, social and emotional development personally, as well as how to integrate those needs at age-appropriate levels. And it means consistently updating our preschool curriculum in order to serve each classroom more adequately.

Our preschool program provides all the readiness for school your child needs⁠—academically, developmentally, socially and emotionally. All in programs designed to enrich their lives and allow them to take their well-rooted love of learning up to the next level. Come see why Walnut Creek is constantly rated as the best daycare in Mansfield, TX! Call us at (817) 473-4406 or come by for a tour. We’re always happy to accept walk ins!