Walnut Creek Academy

1751 N Walnut Creek Dr, Mansfield, TX 76063
Phone: 817-473-4406
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Our Reviews


Our daughter currently attends Walnut Creek Academy and we have been so blessed with the teachers and staff that have been so dedicated to her success!! Walnut Creek Academy does not have the birthday cutoff that most schools do. Our daughter has a late birthday and we wanted her to have the opportunity to see if she was ready academically to start kindergarten early. My husband and I really struggled with if we should let her try and go early or keep her back a year. She started with Mrs. Perrin and Ms. Kizzma’s Inventors 4 class in 2015 and by early winter 2016 she had passed all the requirements to be able to go to kindergarten in the fall. She loves being at her “E-cademy” as she calls it! The teachers have shown such follow through with all communications, homework and much patience at times!! Ms Micah and Ms Laura have always been there to answer any questions we have. We are so thankful for them and so many others that have helped our daughter along the way!

Angel Walker

We have loved our past two years at WCA! My 4 year old is able to do so much that I never even imagined him doing at this age. We came to WCA while he was only 2 and I was just hoping he’d come out knowing some colors and letters. By the time he turned 4, he already knew all of his alphabet – lower and upper case, could count to 20, and tell me that miracles come from God! I love knowing that when I drop him off he is safe and loved. I love knowing that when I drop him off he will be learning not only regular curriculum, but Bible stories as well. I love knowing that when I drop him off he is growing emotionally and socially. He is becoming a well-rounded person thanks to the teachers at WCA!

Stephanie Shackelford

Best Private School and Daycare !!!

Claire Marie Roldan

Great school and day care, the staff is amazing anf loving. My daughter has been there for a little over 2 years and she loves it.

Yazmin Jackson

So excited for my child to start the upcoming school year in this amazing private school!!! They have just blown away my expectations of what caring teachers really look like. Laura T. the principle is so sweet and has taken so much of her time to ensure my husband and I are aware of all the curriculum lessons that will be offered, as well as all the fun extra curricular classes that are available to my child. WCA all the way!!!!!!!

Shawna Raymond

My children have been attending this school since the fall. I transferred them here from the company’s other center Imagine Nation Learning Center (down the street) because my son was able to go to the private school offered at Walnut Creek Academy. I have transitioned my children between 4 of the corporation’s schools over the course of 8 years as my career has changed and moved me about the southern part of the DFW metroplex because I love the values of the corporation and feel extremely comfortable with the company as a whole. The Christian values and faith based curriculum is very important to us. My children have loved all of their teachers and look forward to seeing them and I know my children are not the only ones who feel that way, judging by the interactions I witness at drop off and pick up. Greatly recommend parents to look into having their child attend this school.

**Additional Review: I wanted to write a review on the Everley Rose Center which is the infant building for this school, but i couldn’t find it in the search. My baby had to go to that building for a couple months until she turned 3 and could move to the Academy side. The small cozy atmosphere of the building is great and it always smells so nice! (Which is saying something for a building with so many diapers in it, haha!)

Jessica Day

Amazing staff and great location! They put so much work into each and every child ensuring they learn all they can out of the curriculum.

Veronica Kilpatrick