Why Choose Us?

At Walnut Creek Academy, we don’t take your child’s development lightly. Growing minds need nourishment and positive encouragement.

But development is about more than just intellectual curiosity and academic stimulation. They need guidance to flourish. They need reinforcement. They need positive self esteem.

A child’s true potential can only be fully nourished when it integrates mind, body and spirit. Our award-winning curriculum is matched with all the physical activity your child’s growing body needs, in addition to a learning environment that emphasizes creativity and personalized attention.

It’s also highly affordable. Unlike other private academies and preschools in Mansfield, we don’t charge extra for add costs beyond core tuition. In fact, you’ll find the comparison in cost is considerably less than other full onsite daycare services:

But it’s about more than just price. It’s about our commitment to both our students and their families. You can’t put a price on your child’s potential or their developmental needs. That’s why we’re not just boasting when we say Walnut Creek Academy is the best daycare in Mansfield. We prove it. Call us today at (817) 473-4406 to schedule a tour!